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Our travels north yesterday were uneventful–thankfully. And it feels soooo good to be here and away from the house, the job woes, and heat and humidity. :::contented sigh:::

So last night we were sitting on the deck, enjoying the breeze (and our latest procurement from Ikea–a sweet little tealight lantern), and heard this “munching” sound outside. This drove Jay absolutely nuts and he went outside, armed with flashlights, trying to figure out what was going on. Then Nette hiked out front to see what was up. Apparently, one of their neighbors is a bit uptight–we saw porch and house lights flipping on and off and heads being stuck out of doors with consternation.

So as Mark and I observed “Mothra” (what I named the mysterious house-muncher) driving Jay crazy, I played a fictional conversation.

Dexter Police: Hello, Dexter Police Department. What’s your emergency?

Neighbor: yeah, I’ve got this weird neighbor and he’s going around with flashlights and looking at houses and maybe in windows…

Dexter Police: Okay, we’ll send out an officer…

Officer: Good evening, sir. What are you doing tonight?

Jay: Officer! There’s this *creature* that I can hear munching on my house! I’m just trying to figure out what it is before my house falls down around my feet.

Officer: I don’t see or hear anything. Sir, have you been drinking?

Jay: Well, I *did* have a Mike’s Hard Lemonade…

Officer: Your neighbors are a bit concerned, sir. Maybe you should take your flashlights and go inside.

Jay: You’re probably right, officer. Sorry if I caused any problems…


So then Nette was cataloging the weird things that happen when we show up on their doorstep.

  • scorched cauliflower (someone forgot to add water to the pot and put it on high on the stove)
  • the flooded basement
  • the rotting chicken in the basement
  • the bizarre screeching that came from the pipes everytime we flushed the masterbedroom toilet
  • Mothra nibbling on the house
  • and the list goes on….
  • Stay tuned for more from the ‘burbs of Ann Arbor….

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