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I had intended to trim up Brendan’s hair before we left KY, but I ran out of time and didn’t think to bring my hair scissors when I packed everything. Oh well.

I talked to Nette and decided that the trim was necessary and the time was ripe to take my boy to the barbershop. I usually cut his hair (and do a pretty darned good job, if I do say so myself), and he’s a pretty good customer–very patient and largely compliant.

So he & I hiked to Robyn’s in Dexter and got his hair cut. He did wonderfully! :) He was a little trepidatious about the newness of the situation, but once I popped him up on the little bench to raise him up to the right level and he got to wear a big red cape, he was great. He cringed with the >squirts< of the spray bottle, and kept looking down, but he was a brave boy and had fun. :)

He did *such* a good job that he was entitled to TWO pieces of candy, and he happily dug in to the bucket. :).

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