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Okay, so we’re almost out of the hotel and on our way home. In the interest of getting home sooner, we’re skipping the networking breakfast and this will put us home after dark. I think the Samsonites under my eyes have their own little bags to carry, though–I’m one whupped puppy. 😐 And I’m driving the whole 12 hours home. 😐 😐

But I realized that although I haven’t had good coffee in 5 days, I’ve not been dragging like I normally would. I picked up a little box of “Morning Spark” before I left (on a whim, mostly), which is a caffeinated “stick” of drink mix. It’s sugarless and fruit flavoured and I thought, “Eh…can’t hurt!”

Boy! It doesn’t hurt–it HELPED!! :) I am so impressed with this stuff that I wanted to take an uncharacteristic moment and plug it publically. I LOVE this stuff! I have no idea how much caffeine is in it, but it seems to be equivalent to about 2 cups of coffee, based on my ‘alert-factor’. And since conferences run on little sleep and lots of speakers (and warm rooms, which after lunch cause ‘jello-neck head-bobbing’ to take place), my ‘alert-factor’ was important. :)

Anyhow, I know Wallyworld sells it for about $2 a box, and you’d better believe I’m going to buy some more, just to keep on hand. :) If you want more info, you can find it here.

Now I’m off to finish packing the suitcase and getting the out of Philly. :) I never thought I’d welcome the site of the PA turnpike, but guess what…?.

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