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Tired does not even begin to describe how I feel right now. Exhausted comes closer, but not even that does it justice. :0 I am road-weary and brain-dead, and want to sleep for the next 3 days straight.

But that ain’t gonna happen, eh? 😉 I am so very glad to be home–I missed my boys and there’s only so long I can sleep on a rock-hard hotel bed and pretend that I’ve had a good night’s sleep and that I’m rested.

The drive back yesterday was interminable. Lisa & I had a great time to talk and we took advantage of it, but we sat for an hour in PA turnpike (out of Philly) traffic and drove 5 miles in that hour. :( And then the rain I encountered had us driving at 20mph at some points–we didn’t see sun until we were half-way through KY and nearing Fayette county. :0 And at that point, it was nearly time for sunSET! :0

We made a stop yesterday on the turnpike for fuel (which oddly enough, was actually cheaper than in Philly itself) and glory be! I found a Starbucks there. !!! They had brewed my favourite java, almost like it was a divine appointment. 😉 I got a venti decaf Verona and capped it off with cream and equal. Despite the fact that it was decaf, I didn’t care. I hadn’t had coffee in 5 days at that point, and I just wanted the flavour. Bizarre as it is, just managing to get what I was after (good coffee) did me a WORLD of good and buoyed my spirits like few other things have. I guess it was therapeutic.

Anyhow, I have tons of work to do today around the house, so no more time lollygagging and blogging. Off to vacuuming and making lunch! :).

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