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I’m at a conference in Philadelphia right now and listening to people talk about networking (so very NOT my personality–talking to people I don’t know?!), how to build your business, and how to succeed with different coaches, mentors, etc. Yesterday was a bit of a bust (I actually got quite a bit of knitting done….), but this morning’s speakers are wonderful! :) And it’s fun to dream big about all of this stuff.

I’ve met some incredibly interesting people and hope to continue to build relationships with them. The most interesting thing to me is that this whole thing (building your business, expanding, etc.) focuses on the RELATIONSHIP. Everything that is successful online these days is about relationship. People *crave* this and they’ll do whatever they can in our fractured world and society to meet the need they have to be in relationships with others.

Now to segue this to my line of thinking: you know that I’m a Believer and that I think the best way to reach people with God’s love is through relationship. Yes, relationships are messy–people are messy! But we are created for relationship–with each other and with God.

It just strikes me as somewhat ironic that I’m in this business conference and yet it’s reinforcing everything I know and think about life and ministry. It’s all about the relationship.

So now it’s about time for lunch–there’ll be some schmoozing and talking, but hopefully, some real relationships will be forged here and people’s felt needs and unfelt needs will be met. And I’ll continue to shine brightly as these relationships are built. :).

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