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I’ve not delved in to politics in this blog so far, as there are simply too many politico-blogs out there and quite frankly, I’m not trying to do the same thing here.

But please indulge me for a few paragraphs while I mull over my discontent.

I am a woman who has strong political leanings and believes passionately in her leanings. I am also a woman who will do whatever is necessary to see her political beliefs get a fair shake in the marketplace (read: real world). I’ve manned phones, I’ve rallied. I’ve called potential voters until I was hoarse, I’ve cooked for/baked for/hostessed political events. I’ve painted posters, I’ve walked neighborhoods. I’ve combed over voter logs and spent countless hours in the last several years to see that certain candidates had the opportunity to show that good leadership can make a difference to the lives of average joes like me.

Apparently, that’s been all for naught.

Today I heard what I consider to be the final nail in the coffin of a man that I helped elect. There have been scandals in the state government here, but in the majority of our minds, that was “the last leader’s issues.” Then there were rumours of scandals in *this* leader’s administration. Then there were people claiming innocence, others pointing fingers, others having either temporary amnesia, Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, ad infinitum–because they couldn’t remember anything. Ad nauseum.

Now it’s back to the same old ‘dirty politics’ that have been around in this area for eons. It’s just a different political party than it used to be. Back-room negotiations, back-stabbing politicians, back-breaking politics for the average joes who have to foot the bill and then some for the shenanigans that go on over there.

Is THIS what I spent time, effort, and energy for? I certainly hope not.

It really makes me want to crawl in a hole and pretend that I can survive without political involvement. And maybe I can. But the reason I’ve acted on my principles is because I’m not satisfied with status-quo and I’m not content to leave a society that is worse for the wear for my children and grandchildren. At least, not without trying to make a difference for the better.

Apparently, with the current leadership, *that* is too much to ask. I’m quite sure that there are other government entities in different locales with the same (or similar) problems, and I’m quite sure that this is not a situation that is singular to Kentucky politics. But it won’t be too soon when I can leave this behind and not feel intensely betrayed by those I helped to elect..

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    Oooooh ooooh this sounds like a potentially FUN conversation for you and Dave to have!!!!