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Most of you know of my faith-bent by this point; I’m evangelical and Christian by definition, but don’t fit in to a typical mould or pigeonhole. My passion is for God and His amazing love, but also for those in our world who don’t know His love–no matter what they look like or do. And while I share the beliefs of other evangelicals, I tend to err on the side of more compassion and grace than some–mostly because I understand what it means to be judged and condemned by those who consider themselves more ‘holy’ than I, but also because I understand the heart-cry of my fellow Gen-Xers and Gen Yers…for relationship and acceptance, regardless of the differences that might be between us.

And those differences can be great, but we are still united under the human condition and the fact that God passionately loves us and wants us to know and share His love. And I find it particularly hard to talk about His love in the midst of harsh judgment. That seat is for God alone, and I’m not Him (and aren’t you glad!?).

That said, I’ve seen the ugly side of faith this week and it’s left me a little more disconcerted than I’ve been before. In the name of God, people have been bashed and condemned. In the name of belief, individuals have been stomped on. And those individuals are some who simply have yet to come to faith in Him. All of which makes that sort of sharing particularly prickly–because it tends to put one on the defensive instead of the Love Offensive.

Don’t misunderstand me here; right is right and wrong is wrong. Last month’s KidStuf virtue was “Convicition,” and we taught the kids a song about standing for what is right and calling right–right and wrong–wrong. But when we proclaim RIGHT at the expense of the very ones that Jesus died to save…well, something is WRONG about that. Similar in nature (but not execution necessarily) to the Crusades of the 11th century, I think. While the initial desire to uphold God’s truth was admirable, the way they went about doing it was anything but. And we continue to live with the long-term repercussions of those bad decisions even today. But that’s another post.

I have a heart-felt belief grounded in Scripture that Christians ought to be marked by love. Not the wishy-washy sort of love the world knows, but a supernatural love that sees beyond the “I’m right and I’m going to scream it at the top of my lungs and in your ears” and in to the long-range needs of an individual who doesn’t yet understand the love that God has for them. This sort of love overlooks the opportunity to shout when you’re right and does so with the intent and vision of casting kindness and a life preserver of Love out when the person needs it the most and wouldn’t have otherwise permitted you to do so if you’d stomped on them earlier.

Okay, so it sounds poetic. And maybe it is. But the sentiment is still there and my heart aches for those who have been stomped on in my presence this week and who have the bruises to show for it. I wish I could apologize to them, even though I had nothing to do with it. But maybe I’ll be permitted the opportunity to pick up the pieces with them and show them the gentle side of Jesus’ love in the process.

I can only hope and pray..

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