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Today should have been Emily’s 3rd birthday. Instead, it’s a day when we remember her and wish she hadn’t left our presence prematurely. Oh, that it were any other way!

I made a special 7×7 scrapbook of Emi for Wendy & Brian last month…it was truly the hardest thing I’ve ever scrapped. It took me two days to put it together and it made me sick to my stomach the entire weekend. I think it was because I shouldn’t have had to put an album together for one who was so small…. I was pleased with the final outcome, but still had a hard time sending it off–as much of a tribute and gift as it was, I didn’t want to make Wendy any sadder than she is already.

I spoke with her yesterday; she was anticipating a hard day today. They have wonderful support from their church, but as much as they’re grateful for that, they really wish they had no need for that support. And so the grieving continues.

I am about to start some grief counseling myself. I thought I could muddle through this on my own, but my lack of coping with the grief and sadness I feel and the stress of job-hunting and the impending relocation had me reeling for several months. So I’m taking some meds that help me cope better and will begin seeing a therapist (hopefully) next week.

Our memories of Emi Grace will never fade, but I know the intense grief will eventually subside. In the meantime, we all find ways to cope and pray another family never has to experience what we have.


Rest in Jesus’ arms, sweet girl. We’ll see you soon and will miss you every day until we are reunited in Heaven.


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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/20438479 miadea

    sue, i hate to ask this but did you all ever find out what caused emily’s death? i have two boys under the age of 4 and whenever i hear about stuff like that, it breaks my heart and scares me to death.

    sidenote: i enjoy reading your blogs. you probably do not remember me but i emailed you about a year ago (when we first moved to n’ville) and i was searching for a playgroup, mom’s group, etc…

    anyway, just thought i’d let you know that people really are reading your blogs and that i am very sad for you and your family. you all are in my prayers.


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/7568909 Sue

    Hi Mia–
    thanks for your note. No, to date, there is no “reason” for Emi’s death…at least, not medical. The ME in WI is still looking for a reason–he said he isn’t “at peace” about signing off on the death certificate yet.

    I do remember you! :) I hope you’ve settled in well…now that we’re looking to move. 😉

    Thanks for reading and letting me know, and most of all, thank you for your prayers.