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So in the midst of our grief and pain at burying Emily, we had a few days which reminded us that life indeed does move on. And those days were so refreshing!

We spent some glorious (and chilly!) days in Dexter, MI–where it was actually *warmer* than in Nicholasville! Imagine that! 😉

Nettie and Jay allowed us to be ourselves–talk when we felt like it, cry when we felt like it, and were just there for us. What a gift that is!

We spent time at the Hockeytown Cafe on Saturday (pic of the 3 girls), which I found fascinating and fun at the same time. The service left something to be desired and the prices surely didn’t warrant any standing ovations, but it was the atmosphere I was after.

I didn’t have the heart to go to church on Sunday, so we went to the Chapel of the Holy Boxsprings and had a relaxed breakfast and morning hike (pic of the leaf).

And since I owe Nettie a “decent picture” (unlike the one she protests at the upper right of the page), here’s one Jay took on our hike. (note the flawless skin!)

Monday had us house-looking (again), as Mark & I took advantage of free childcare and naptime for Brendan to poke around at open-houses on Sunday. We re-visited one house in particular and took multiple pictures; we also signed with a buyer-agent in Dexter. She seems to be very nice and full of integrity; we had peace after signing with her–almost as if another piece in the puzzle fit and that was one less thing for us to be concerned about.

We also spent time at a local haunt–Jenny’s Farm Market. The kids had a great time, but Buster wasn’t so sure about the donkeys–they kept braying at him (making him crazy) and it almost seemed as if they were trying to terrorize him. ;0 The ducks (see picture) kept us entertained; they kept diving to the bottom of their pond, but coming up with nothing. So this explains the duck-butt picture to the left. 😉

Our time in Dexter wrapped up on Monday night with scooping out the goop in pumpkins and carving them–a wonderful family time in the Brooks kitchen and therapeutic to simply be a part of something so simple and full of wonder for the kids. In spite of reservations I have about this ‘holiday’, there is something about carving pumpkins and reconnecting with the safe part of childhood that Halloween used to be–once upon a time when we were kids, before we had any cares or concerns.

Oh, to be a kid again….


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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/7786118 Nettie

    Nice alien head on that pumpkin, Ethel! :) We miss you guys!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/5963182 SuperMom

    Love the pictures. Glad you had a respite for a few days. I was so glad to see you guys at church yesterday.