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Ever have one of those weeks when you look back and realize it’s been a jumble? Much has happened, but to characterize the week as “a good one” or “a rotten one” just doesn’t seem possible. So in that vein, here are some random thoughts about my week….


So last week saw the anniversary of the 9.11 attacks. And last Sunday found me sitting in front of the keyboard, staring at images of that horrible day, getting terribly emotional, and crying. When Brendan got up from nap, he noticed my eyes and sniffles and asked why I was crying. What do you tell an innocent 3 y/o child about terrorism?

I responded that when he was still inside of me, some very bad people did a very bad thing and crashed airplanes in to buildings. They hurt a lot of people who didn’t do anything wrong, and when I remembered what happened, it made me sad. It was the best I could do at the time. (So much of parenting is on the fly!)

I knew his little 3 y/o mind couldn’t wrap itself around that, but it satisfied his curiosity and got me a tissue and a kiss from my little sweetheart.

Later on in the week, he said, “I’m sorry, Mama.” I asked why he was sorry and the reply came back, “I’m sorry that when I was in your tummy some people did a bad thing and made you sad.” Insert collective “awwwww” here….

Kids can’t grasp what happened that day, even if they were directly affected by it. But one little boy’s attempts to comfort his sad mum did a lot to brighten my outlook and put a smile on my face. If it didn’t, then wouldn’t the terrorists have won? For our future is locked up in these cherubic faces, not in the evil that these criminals have perpetrated upon us in the past.


Have you ever expected the worst, only to be pleasantly surprised (nay, shocked!) when just the opposite happens? I was, today. :)

I had the lowest of expectations of an individual and was very happy when I was able to cast aside my preconceived notions. It truly did change my perspective (immediately, I might add) and my attitude as a whole; everything immediately seemed less gray and despairing. I guess that should be my lesson to never underestimate an individual’s work ethic and God at the same time…!.

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