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An Open Note to Fellow Christian Adoptive Parents:

Someone recently directed my attention to another blog that is simply a dumping ground for anger and hatred. Not that I begrudge anyone the right to free speech (by any stretch), but I’m amazingly sad by the things I read there.

The blog (which I won’t give any free publicity here) is owned by a future-adoptive parent. That in and of itself doesn’t sound too bad, but if it ended there, it wouldn’t be. This author has used his site to bash other adoptive parents who hold beliefs and faith that he [the author] doesn’t, and instead of building up the adoptive community, he has chosen to tear down. It’s sad, pathetic, and quite sophomoric.

So why waste time and space on it here? Mostly because I think a site like this can pose a valuable learning opportunity for those of us who hold Faith dear and who attempt to share their joy of their growing families. We are united as parents; not by our parenting methods, per se, but our love for our children and the joy at having them placed in our arms, being ever so grateful to God (Who gave them to us, via a communist government) and their birthmothers who gave them up. We have chosen to raise them in a community of faith, having found that our Faith gives us hope, peace, and more love to share.

Jesus spoke clearly in Matthew 7:6 when He told us not to “cast your pearls before swine. The swine will trample them and then turn and attack you!” He was speaking of sharing the sacred with those who live and breathe in the profane (secular)–and warning us that if we aren’t careful, our lack of prudence in this matter could get us hurt. Does this mean that we are to cloister ourselves away and not share anything with those who have yet to come to Faith? No–not in the least. It simply means that we use care and caution when sharing about our lives with those who don’t value what we do. We walk it out before we talk it out, so to speak. Our actions (of love and kindness) will speak far more than our words ever will. We have an amazing opportunity as Christian parents to share the amazing, life-changing love of Jesus to those who don’t know Him, and that includes those of us in the adoptive community.

So share your Faith and beliefs–but be prudent in where you share and what you share. In a word–be careful. And if you can’t avoid the hatred and ugliness, simply leave. Let it stay where it is and depart the area. Shake the dust off your feet, as it were. God will bring you many more who believe as you do and who can share your joy and comfort you in sorrow. Use the comfort that comes from being united in Faith (Philippians 2:1 ff) and encourage each other (Heb. 3:13). That said, go love on your kids and thank God for building your family as He has! :).

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    Very well said, Sue!!! Thank you!!