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Okay, since I griped about our lack of a hockey season several months ago, I’m going to post about the new labour-agreement and our upcoming hockey season now. :)

My first words are, “Hallelujah! It’s about danged time!” When I received the news that October 5 would be The Drop of The Puck and that all 30 franchises will be playing that night, the rush I had was exhilarating. You probably think I’m completely deranged by now, but honestly–for a true hockey fan, this past year has been a slow torture for me.

The fact that the players’ union and the owners could come together on a labor agreement is something close to amazing to me–they stalled over a mere $7M difference in the spring. $7M–a mere spit in the bucket for all parties involved! But now that’s behind us, and now the rebirth of the NHL will take place.

I have a friend who is a massive doubter when it comes to the NHL and hockey fans in general, but I forgive him, because he’s from So. California. Okay, they have the LA Kings, but he’s not a hockey fan–he’s a San Diego Padres fan. And he’s comparing the hockey-strike to how the baseball-strike of however-many-years-ago devastated the fan base of that sport. It’s a reasonably fair comparison, except for one thing: the fans. What my friend doesn’t comprehend is that northern climates LIVE for hockey. Gimme a break–like there’s that much to do in Canada in the winter?? 😉 And while baseball fans turned out to be largely fair-weather, hockey fans are used to bad-weather–namely, cold and snow. So when the freeze-out of the sport they love actually thaws, they’ll be back, loyal as ever. Baseball has some decent competition in terms of type of sport (how many other sports use a ball and run?), but hockey has no competition. The only other things that are done on ice (not including than ice fishing) are figure skating and curling. Neither of which deal with speed, puck handling, or goalies who have slinkies for spines. 😉 So if you’re a fan, let’s prove my Padre-loving friend wrong, eh?

And hey, if you’re a Wing-Nut, you know we’ve got Brendan Shanahan signed for another year….And that’s GOOD news, on top of the impending season! :)

(*muttering to self*…now if we can just make sure that Yzerman is on board….).

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