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It’s amazing to me how small things in my life make me so absurdly happy. Seriously–the phrase “simple things….” really fits here. I don’t need a million dollars to be happy (although that wouldn’t *hurt* my disposition–really!), I just need small things to work in the favour of my family.

Case in point: Mark & I are about to begin a video series with a group of parents from our church. I’m excessively excited about this series, partly because it’s done by Andy Stanley and Reggie Joiner (two amazing men who minister to families in various ways), and partly because it’s going to talk about continuing to build relationships with our kids so that when the tough times come, we have a relationship to fall back on (a “right” to speak in to their lives, as it were) and we can leverage our influence for their benefit and the benefit of our family. Sounds great, right?

Well, the one cloud in this picture was finding a sitter for our 3 year old. While that in and of itself doesn’t seem like a monumental task, as a first-time mom to a child that took us 7 years to conceive and I struggled to stay pregnant with, I’m pretty danged particular about who watches my kid! It’s not that I think I’m the only one who can do it well (not at all!), and it’s not that my husband and I don’t need a break every once and again (we do!). It’s just that, well…I need to *trust* whoever watches my child *implicitly*. I don’t want some teenager who thinks my house is “party central” once my child is in bed and my fridge is fair game for all of her friends. I have no problem sharing food, but the respect I showed as a teenaged babysitter seems to be lacking in some of the sitters I hear about today, and I just don’t want that happening in my house while I’m gone. So picky? Yeah–but for the right reasons.

Back to the issue at hand. So a friend of ours was over the other night and she mentioned (while she was playing Matchbox cars with our son!) that she was looking for odd jobs to pick up some extra cash. WHOO HOO! You should’ve seen my eyes! 😀 Seriously–an *adult* who is *responsible* and *loves my kid* wants to earn some extra money? A match made in heaven–literally! 😀

So now we’ve got this awesome class we’re starting (and I’ll be writing about that, too), a babysitter locked in, and one very happy Mama. See? It’s not the *big things* in life that please me, it’s the little ones. 😉.

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