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Today brings a monstrous task to my to-do list….washing the comforter.

So I’m preparing to wash the comforter on our bed and spot-treating it with a pre-treater this morning. Washing our comforter is no small feat–a queen-sized comforter in a washing machine (not a front-loader!) that just barely holds it all. Anyhow, our 3 year-old is watching me spray different spots on the comforter….well heck, here’s the transcript:

Me: Now sweetie, don’t sit on the comforter, it’s wet.
Son: Yeah, Mama…you’re spayin’ it wif water!
Me: No, “Shout!” sweetheart.

At that point, I just dissolved in to gales of laughter and had tears streaming down my face. Instead of explaining what was so funny, I just looked at the bottle of Shout and kept on laughing.

Kids are so much fun!! :) Who knew they could bring laughter to laundering a comforter?? 😉.

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